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    The HECS Stealthscreen Camo suit. Designed to help you get closer to wildlife in its natural undisturbed state.

    Patented stealth technology.

    Voted 2012 Gear Of The Year by the readers of Bowhunt America Magazine.

    Made for hunters, wildlife photographers and researchers.

    Featuring Mossy Oak camo.

    HECS is comfortable, durable, breathable and washable.

    Can be worn as an outer layer or under layer, or on it's own in warm climates. 

    This suit is a unisex fit and is the same cut as the male suit.

    86% polyester, 14% conductive carbon. The carbon in HECS Stealthscreen also aids in scent control.

    Price includes top, pants and head cover.

    For sizes please refer to the guide at the base of this page.


    CAUTION: HECS products are designed to reduce the electromagnetic output of the wearer so less is emitted and detectable from the outside. HECS is NOT in effect an "invisibility cloak". The wearer must also employ traditional concealment techniques like visual camouflage, scent reduction techniques (staying down-wind) as well as noise and movement minimisation. 

    Some species of sharks and other marine life are attuned to very minor electromagnetic signals. Typically such aquatic species are also sensitive to visual and olfactory (i.e. smell) stimulation. HECS products DO NOT in effect make the wearer invisible. The user assumes all responsibility and risk involved when in the habitat of sharks, rays and other marine life. Many aquatic species are dangerous and unpredictable. It is impossible to guarantee that marine life will not detect any electromagnetic signal while a person is wearing a HECS product and also may locate a wearer using its other senses. With or without a HECS product all animals should be treated with respect and caution. Any water-based activity in the presence of marine life is inherently dangerous, involves a considerable degree of risk and is not recommended. Do not participate in any activity involving risk of harm from animal life which you would not voluntarily engage in without a HECS product.

  • HECS Stealthscreen hunting camo suit female
  • HECS Stealthscreen hunting camo suit female front view
  • HECS Stealthscreen hunting camo suit female rear view
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