Top hunters and divers recommend HECS Stealthscreen


"Bottom line, our energy is given off to animals. They respond to it, but HECS garments can control this."

Dr Dave Samuel, Professor Emeritus, Wildlife Management, West Virginia University

HECS camo Dr Dave Samuel, Professor Emeritus, Wildlife Management, West Virginia University


"HECS takes underwater hunting to a new level, offering the ultimate weapon that masks a spear fisher from their prey. Not only does this allow a successful approach to fish that are easily scared off by your presence, but also to get closer for a decent shot even when cover is not available. In my opinion HECS offers a diver that hunts and gathers seafood some serious stealth ability."

Rob Fort, Coromandel Kayak Adventures, New Zealand


"On several occasions I had large flocks of 25-50 Mallards set their wings and give little if no attention to the 6’-2” human standing in knee deep water in the middle of the decoys. We had similar situations take place when field hunting for geese with several flocks of geese setting right on top of me, actually landing within feet."

Jim Miller, Roy, Washington, USA


"No doubt HECS makes a difference. I'm as much of a hunter on land as I am in the water, and I recently had a possible once in a lifetime encounter in Southern California waters with a Wahoo. The HECS suit caused this Wahoo to come within range of a Polespear! What an unbelievable opportunity and an extremely rare encounter with a fish species that is extremely rare to see in our waters.

To give my fellow hunters on land a comparison to what it's like to hunt fish underwater, a polespear is to a speargun as a recurve bow is to a rifle and iron sights. And getting close to fish is the name of the game when it comes to spearfishing while freediving. I'm a bow hunter and I love spearfishing because it's the bow hunting of underwater.

I was wearing the HECS SharkSkin while I landed a World Record Yellowtail with a polespear. You guys have an awesome product!" 

Ryan Gattoni, Founder of GATKU Polespears, California


"HECS strikes again, this should be the biggest free range red stag taken for the New Zealand Bowhunters Society this year. The first full year of me wearing HECS is the greatest year of any bowhunter on record in New Zealand has ever had. It will be an impressive round up after our prizing at the Nationals."

Simon Bullivant, Professional Bowhunter, Auckland, New Zealand

HECS Stealthscreen camo Simon Bullivant


"I've noticed a marked difference in how close I can approach certain marine life underwater while wearing the HECS suit - a worthwhile advantage for any cameraman."

Dave Abbott, Filmmaker, Liquid Action Films, New Zealand


"Just thought I'd share another success with my 'Lucky Suit'. Shot this stag from just 7 meters! Thanks again HECS!"

Graham Cash, Editor, Bowhunting Down Under Magazine, QLD, Australia 


"HECS gives me that extra advantage."

SCI World Record Mule Deer, Matthew Liljenquist, Glendale, Arizona, USA

HECS Stealthscreen Camo Matt Liljenquist


"I've been using the HECS wetsuit for the past six months. As a professional dive guide it allows me to get closer to the marine life in the Poor Knights Marine Reserve.  As a keen spearfisherman and someone that likes to put a feed on the table for my whanau, I think it's more than just coincidence that since I've had the HECS suit I've had a very good run!"

Luke Howe, Skipper and Dive Guide for Dive! Tutukaka, Spearo, and Dad 


 "In my home state of Hawaii I hunted for sheep and strangely the sheep seemed to not feel very threatened by me even at close range. Multiple times I had them at 10 yds look at me and go back to feeding. I even moved on purpose and got away with quite a bit. These sheep are usually surprisingly skittish in this particular area. The suit was also light enough to wear as a base layer even in Hawaii. The shirt was awesome by itself when the temps heated up. I went overnight and saw lots of animals and made a good shot on a decent ram. Thanks again HECS!"

Shane Dorian, Professional Surfer and Bowhunter, Hawaii, USA

HECS Stealthscreen camo Shane Dorian


"Without HECS there is no way I would have harvested the official #3 archery bird in Texas. Thanks HECS!"

Steve Alleman, Katy, Texas, USA



“HECS Technology, it’s the little difference that makes the big difference in my ability to get the perfect shot. With the Sharkskin Covert Stinger Suit it all comes together; look, function, and material.”

Florian Fischer, Filmmaker, Behind the Mask (www.behind-the-mask.com)


"These fish are usually alert and require a stealth stalk so we figured it’d be a good species for a trial.  My partner Max wore the HECS Stealthscreen and I wore a standard 2mm suit.  Max had killed his limit of 4 before I had pulled the trigger.  We tested it on a few more trips and results were the same.  We put HECS wetsuits on two divers and one diver without.  The two with HECS Stealthscreen suits limited out before the other diver even saw a fish."

Max Flowers, Swampwreck.com 


 “When I was first introduced to the HECS wetsuit I thought it was nice suit with a new (gimmick) sales pitch, following which the concept slipped my mind. I have been diving the Aliwal Shoal off the East Coast of South Africa for 17 years and in that time I have learnt the habitats and limitations of most of the marine life from the large Brindle Bass reaching sizes well over 150kg to the many Sharks that frequent the area. I know what can and cannot not be done in order to interact with them.

Without a second thought I had noticed a remarkable change on the recent dives.  The Brindle Bass were allowing me to approach far closer than before, and the Sharks were actually swimming into me.  At first I thought this is unusual, yes I was diving with a rebreather, but I had done so now for many years.  Then I started to notice a pattern, some days I could get real close and other days not! Then I remembered the days I could literally touch the Brindle Bass and had the Sharks “not see me” were the days I was wearing the HECS suit, and the other days was when I was wearing my standard suit.  You see I was switching to a dry wetsuit each day during winter because of the cold mornings, and getting into a wet wetsuit is not nice!

I’m not easily convinced, but I can honestly say that from my experience in the environment that I know the HECS wetsuit does make me believe that it lives up to its claim!”

Barry Coleman, RAID AB Founder Director